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Samsung ATIV Q: Dual Booting Device with Windows 8 & Android 4.2.2 Both Price, Specs, Specifications, Features

Hey guys! Want something special out of your device? Are you bored with Android or Windows 8 Tablet? Do you want to switch with Android or Windows or vise versa. Then you not need to switch into any other OS any more when Samsung is coming with its all new Tablet (convertible into Laptop), The Samsung ATIV Q which is a Dual Booting Device. Which means that tablet is capable of running Android and Windows both and you can run them at the same time. Also you need not to reboot it to switch between them.

The device come with a built in keyboard device. The device can be converted into four different modes depending upon your work. Let us now read out the specifications/features of the tablet.

Samsung ATIV Q Specs, Specifications, Features

Operating System

The Samsung ATIV Q is a dual booting device which means it is operated on both Windows 8 and Android 4.2.2 OS.

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The tablet is stuffed with Intel Core i5 processor with GPU of Intel HD Graphics 4400.


The built in memory of the tablet is 128 GB with 4 GB of RAM. The storage can be expandable by microSD, microSDHC.


The display size of screen is 13.3 inches with resolutions of 3200 x 1800 pixels and with multi touch facility.


The MP of camera is not yet out. But the it lacks front facing camera and the primary camera lacks auto focus and flash.


The device might be available with 2G, 3G connectivity. It had not yet been revealed whether 4G(LTE) will be available or not.

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The price of the device is ($479.99) between Rs.25,000~Rs.30,000. This price for such a device we think is good and economical. This type of tablet is not yet available in the market. If you get both OS in one platform then there is no problem in choosing between two OS as both are available in one. We know many of you would like to grab one of it. With no close competitions in the market Samsung might get that much sales that it wants. So stay tuned with us with the latest information of Samsung ATIV Q. We hope the device will be a good seller.

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